Yes, you heard the title. This 15-year-old Hip Hop artist from a smaller city around London has been on a huge upcoming. This artist has been growing in the underground game, getting more streams every day, and we predict that this artist will break out the underground game, with the amount of potential he has.

Dropping hits very consistently, hyping up music on his Instagram, has been being magnetic to music listeners around the world, and it has been working really well.

Getting over 10kstreams on Soundcloud per month, you can just tell that the mainstream game is waiting for…

Upcoming Artist “Balangalang” is a real star in the making

Balangalang is a up coming Hip-Hop/Rap & Pop artist out of Round Lake, IL. During dark times in his life, Balangalang was struggling to find his passion and purpose. Music has always been a part of his life and it’s something he can’t live without. Hip-Hop/Rap & Pop mean everything in the world to him. After years of songwriting, Balangalang finally got the urge to record and drop his music. After realizing the talent he has, he couldn’t waste any more time and needed to show that to the world. Balangalang dropped his first single in March of 2020 and…

Who is Sierra Blacc and where did she come from? She’s a strong, passionate, motivated female from Toronto who’s always had a passion for music, singing and writing. She’s always dabbled, and played instruments; she’s got a raw, natural talent and a musician’s ear. Sierra began experimenting as a recording artist in May 2020. Her goal was to find a sound that combined her old school influences with her contemporary ones. Sierra Blacc’s debut single, Stand Alone, delivers that, a sound and vibe that blends old school R&B mixed with contemporary R&B. Sierra Blacc just released her new single, All…

Corey aka ‘COZ’ is an upcoming new rapper from Sydney Australia, residing only just a few suburbs away from one of Australia’s biggest artist “The Kid Laroi”, COZ is one to watch.

His debut single Workin’ Hard shows his potential of work ethic and passion for music.

Accompanied by his best mate/producer Adam. aka “Pasquale”, who in which they both collaborated together to bring you Workin Hard, shows the sheer talent behind the music.

Having spoken to Corey via his Insta @corey_coz, he mentioned that his song ‘workin hard’ was all recorded in his home studio “adam just made the…

TuTxTuT is not your typical musician artist profanity references to appeal to the masses. His music is diverse and speaks from the heart, reflecting his personality of street-savvy, friendliness, simplicity and humbleness. His style features lyrical diversity and vivid storytelling that makes you feel like you were there with a strong delivery of R&B, Drill, Trap, Gangster, Reggae and Hip-Hop.

TuTxTuT talents can merely be described by words and has reflected in his work. On July 2020, his album titled “TrapMiami” was released on all platforms which showed his ability to be an all around artist. The album garnered lots…

Label: UndaSound Intertainment

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Name Robert D. Hurst

A little bit about Yours Truly…

I love listening to Hip-Hop and R&B, and I consider myself to be a student of the game. I’m constantly trying to learn as much about the music industry as I can. I’ve recorded quite a few songs and I am currently releasing an album, “UndaCover Boss” due in digital stores on February 9th. I am also featured with other up and coming artists throughout the Bay that are gaining recognition locally. I’m all about the growth and unity of the hip-hop scene in the Tampa Bay area, which is a hotbed of talent just waiting for someone to spark the fuse. Over the last five years I have found a way to fuse my love of hip-hop, with my love of sports, especially my favorite sports team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This has allowed me to tap into a unique fan base of loyal supporters of the team. This shift in focus has provided me with numerous opportunities to gain more exposure than ever before. Since the team just won the Super Bowl, I plan to release the long awaited “Bucs 4 Life” project featuring my latest single “Buccaneers Roll,” as well as all of my original Buccaneers songs remastered.

What can I bring to the game?

Originality. I don’t consider myself to be a carbon copy of anyone. As I said in the bio, I was influenced by various artists from all over, with many unique and diverse styles, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. My flow and delivery are unorthodox, which leads to an unpredictability factor, meaning you never know what you’re going to get on each track. This is what keeps the fans wanting more, and the fact that my flow is versatile means that I can work with varying artists and production styles.

Jason Smith

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